Oh Autumn, You Babe...

Friday, 21 October 2016

Autumn Candles Monin Popcorn Syrup Zoella Cosmopolitan

Do I really need ANOTHER post where I wax lyrical about how much I love Autumn? Probably not, but d'ya know what? I'm gonna go with it because it's my favourite season of the year and if it's not yours then what is your life? In previous years, I hated the dark evenings and the cold weather and but this year I'm fully embracing everything that comes with this short season.

Autumnal NARS One Brand Tutorial

Autumnal NARS One Brand Tutorial

If you asked me what my favourite high-end brand was, or even "which high-end brand do you own the most products from?", I never really would have said NARS. Recently, I sat down and shuffled around my makeup, which I like to do on a monthly basis, and realised just how many NARS products I actually owned, in both palette form and individual products. There are some products I absolutely adore, as well as others I'm not so keen on, so I thought I'd bung it all in one chatty video, along with a little first impressions of their latest foundation release, the Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

The Scent Diaries #1 | Perfumes & Candles I've Been Loving Lately

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Scent Diaries Zoella Bake My Day Penhaligon's Iris Prima Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

The Scent Diaries is a series I've been thinking about bringing to the blog, a regular update of all the scents that I've been using and loving from the last couple of weeks. Not everything gets a full scale review, and products end up forgotten by the time Monthly Favourites rolls around. The first edition contains both candles and perfumes, scents I'm trialing and even those I'm lusting after!

The Time I Went Charity Shopping and LOVED It!

Monday, 17 October 2016

LOROS By Design Leicester

One drizzly Saturday, I headed into Leicester with Sophie (Sophie's Notebook) to meet resident charity shopping queen, Charlotte from Shoestring Chic. She had arranged a little tour of LOROS By Design with store manager, Abi. I'm not opposed to charity shopping, in fact, the cheaper the better, but I've not picked up many bargains in my time. I'm quite picky about clothes shopping at the best of times, so I was sceptical about finding things in a charity shop.