Ever since their launch, I'd been lusting over Ruth Crilly's collection of dry shampoos, and hadn't been able to get my mitts on them until now. I found them half price at Superdrug, at only £1.33 for the 50ml cans, so I thought I'd pick up all five scents, as I wasn't sure which appealed to me the most. If you're not familiar with Ruth Crilly, she's a model turned blogger and YouTube extraordinaire, at A Model Recommends. If you want to know all the backstage beauty secrets, Ruth is your gal.

First, the formula. Made to deliver volume and oil-absorbance without the chalky residue, CoLab offers serious competition to current market leader, Batiste. I've used Batiste for years, but I was bored of the scents, and wondered if there's something better out there. 

I love that you don't get the chalkiness, but I find that you have to use more product to get the effect. I do like the scents but overall I'm not sure that these are better than Batiste. Sometimes I found I needed a quick spritz of batiste on top of the CoLab to sort my roots.

Rio: The Tropical One

When I read the descriptions, Rio was the one I initially thought would be my favourite. On trying it though, I didn't really love it. If I were to match it to a fragrance, I'd choose one of the Escada scents as it is more of a fruity scent than the coconut cocktail I would usually associate with a tropical fragrance.

London: The Classic One

I say this is more floral than Paris. It has strong rose notes, and I'd definitely liken it to the Stella or Chloe perfume. I really like this scent!

Tokyo: The Oriental One

I'd definitely liken this to the Jimmy Choo perfume, which incidentally I don't really like, but this dry shampoo does appeal to me. I'd wear it on a night out as it smells sexy and fun.

Paris: The Floral One

This one is definitely along the same lines as Chanel Coco Mademoiselle with it's spicy floral notes. It is a lot softer than Coco Mademoiselle though, and I did enjoy using it. 

New York: The Fruity One

This is the scent I'm least excited about I think. I'd liken it to the DKNY Be Delicious scents. When I used it however, I enjoyed it's fruity scent. Overall, I'm liking London the best, it's the one I've definitely used most. However you'll have to check out my empties to see what I really thought!