We all know commenting on other blog posts increases traffic, and I have been trying my hardest to leave genuine comments, after being inspired by something Jessica from The Pyreflies said in a Twitter chat.  However, if you simply type your blog link at the bottom of your comment, it means the recipent has to go to the effort of copy and pasting that link into google in order to get to your blog. Chances are, they won't do it. I find it's so much easier to have a clickable link. Some simple html means you can save this code for future reference in a note or MS Word document, to always leave a clickable link and increase your traffic!

Here's the code:

This would be mine:
<a href="http://www.kimamely.blogspot.co.uk">Kimamely Beauty</a>

Annoyingly I couldn't get this to work the first few times, until I realised the http.// is VERY important. It will not work otherwise! I hope this has been easy to follow, let me know if you find this useful and want to see more blogging tips in the future!