Primers are hands down my beauty saviours. They are relatively new in the beauty world, and are only just starting to filter into the drugstores. My first primer experience was about 3 years ago with the L'Oréal Studio Secrets. I loved the smooth texture of this silicone based pot of joy, so much so that I didn't even wear foundation for about 6 months! At some point I definitely want to repurchase the primer that started it all! I tested 5 different primers, and ranked them below. As much as I don't want to start on a downer, I'm starting with my least favourite, working up to my top pick.

Number 5 (Worst):
Revlon Photoready Primer (£12.99) 

I'm not entirely sure why I bought this actually, as I don't remember reading that many reviews. I got it in a 3 for 2 with the Photoready Foundation, so I wore them together a lot when I first purchased them. On first impressions, the primer had a thick, siliconey consistency and felt more moisturising than the other primers. It also had quite a sticky feel. At first I thought it was the foundation I disliked, wearing patchy on my t-zone, going shiny etc, so I tried the primer with my trusty L'Oréal True Match foundation on the next occasion. I was so happy with my makeup, only to see in a better light that my face had majorly caked up! I just couldn't make this primer work for me, as it did nothing to stop oil production and made my base look super heavy. One thing I did like was the hygienic pump packaging but I felt that at £12.99 it was pretty expensive for a drugstore product. 

Number 4:
This was the first drugstore primer to rival the Porefessional. Although it is a holy grail for my mother, I have more oily skin so it just doesn't work for me. It isn't a bad product, but it feels a little greasy to me. Compared side-by-side to the Porefessional, it is a clear gel compared to a beige cream and kurbs oil production only slightly less than it's high end rival. It is the only true drugstore price out of my selection however, at £7.99. 

Number 3:
I was really impressed with this offering from L'Oréal. Marketed as being slightly tinted, I don't really think there is a difference between the light/medium and medium/dark, which I have. It rivals the Porefessional in shade, and almost in texture, but it is slightly more mousy. I used this on holiday and it withstood a Greek summer climate, which is impressive. One thing I dislike is the packaging, which makes the product spurt out of it's thin nib. But overall I really like its balance between great performance and decent price point at around the £10 mark.

Number 2:
This is probably the brand that put primers firmly on the map. I got this in a Benefit minis set and enjoyed using so much that I bought a full size. It is a great product that makes makeup last longer and keeps oil at bay. At £24.50, it is not cheap, so I'm always looking for a bargain dupe, but the Porefessional is one that I keep going back to.

After swatching the Instablur primer instore, I fell in love with it's smooth texture and blurring qualities. Its gel texture makes it most comparable to the Maybelline Baby Skin, but is the thickest, most silicone-laden consistency out of all 5 products. Some people believe that silicones aren't great for the skin, but for me, it does an amazing job of keeping my skin shine-free. It isn't greasy like Baby Skin and makes the perfect base for makeup. It's my current favourite and I hope it'll stay that way. It costs £14, making it the second most expensive out of my selection, but you all know The Body Shop and their amazing deals, so you'll always be able to get it a little cheaper. 

What's your favourite primer?