When Aria and myself were doing our beauty box swap at Christmas, this was one of the products I included in her package. It was a bit of a risky move as I've never tried any of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes, but they've been widely raved about, so I hoped for the best. I finally managed to pick one up this weekend, read on to find out what I thought of the Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette.

I love the packaging of this palette. It is sleek and slim, and very sturdy. It looks much more expensive than the flimsy Makeup Revolution and MUA palettes. It is a little tricky to open however, and I was a little worried about cracking the shadows, or stocking my finger in one as I'm opening the palette.

The Storm Palette contains a whopping twelve shadows, which are mainly shimmer, with a few mattes. There is such a variety of shades, from some lovely everyday neutrals to intense smoky jewel tones. Each is individually named as a variation of the word 'storm', which is a lovely touch.

It was the swatching of this palette that seriously wowed me. All the shades are gorgeously pigmented, with the exception of Calm Before The Storm, the palest matte in the palette. The texture of the shimmers is amazingly buttery, with minimal fallout and the colours appeared exactly as they looked in the palette.

The below swatches are of the first row of shadows. These are the most neutral of the palette, so are also suitable for daytime, as well as part of a smoky eye. I've omitted the matte shade Calm Before The Storm as I struggled to get a decent swatch. These are some of the nicest gold shades I've seen in a palette, I literally can't pick a favourite!

L-R: Sand Storm, Snow Storm, Thunder Storm, Perfect Storm, Firestorm
L-R: Dust Storm, Gathering Storm, Storm Cloud, Electric Storm, Eye of the Storm, Blackout. 

The bottom row of the palette is much more smoky, and incorporates some colour, which sets apart Sleek Storm from other neutral palettes. Again the shimmers are extremely highly pigmented and the colours are stunning. Eye of the Storm and Blackout are both matte shades, with pretty good pigmentation. However this makes Blackout tricky to work, unless it is being used as a liner. My favourites from this row are definitely Gathering Storm, a smoky grey-blue and Dust Storm, a deep rusty brown, reminiscent of shades in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette. I know this palette will end up being one of my favourites as it is so versatile and I've loved experimenting with the shades to create different look.