One of my favourite things in life is the humble brew, so when the lovely Quinnan Stone offered to send me some teas to try from her brand, Nothing But Tea, I was seriously excited. It was tough to narrow down my favourites as I loved so many of them, but I think I've come up with three blends that will revolutionise your afternoon cuppa.

All are loose leaf teas, which I haven't had much experience with, but it became a gratifying ritual to get that teapot out of hiding. The sample packs I tried contain 10g, which is enough for about 4 cups of tea, and around £1.25. This is a complete Barry bargain if you want to try a few flavours without committing. This is essential as there is such an incredible choice available. If you want a larger bag, they start around the £6.50 mark for 100g.

If someone suggested I'd be head over heels about whiskey, I'd have thought they were talking to the wrong person. In a tea however, it blows me away. Scotch Acorns Ceylon* plays on the rich woodiness of Scotch whiskey, and blends it with chocolate, hazelnut brittle and cinnamon to create a deeply indulgent treat. The whiskey is mellowed by the other ingredients, and this tea blend has such a complexity to it, which proves this is anything but a builder's brew.

Black cherries have such an incredible depth of flavour, so it's no wonder they're my fruit of choice. Cherry Compote* is the combination of a whole host of summer fruits, and this creates a sweet and fruity blend with an incredible cherry flavour. It has a certain depth to it, think that kind of cherry flavour you get when you bite into a Bakewell tart. The inclusion of creamy coconut creates a very well rounded flavour. I've become such a lover of fruit teas over the last few months, and this one has to be the nicest I've tried. 

My first cup of tea of the day is always earl grey but it has got to the point where I have drank so much of it that it has lost it's sparkle. That's where Orange Blossom Oolong* fits in. It's orange flavour is intense, and adds a fruity twist to your cup of tea. This is a great balance between an ordinary tea and a fruity blend, great for an afternoon pick me up.

The Nothing But Tea website is a treasure trove for tea lovers, jam packed with information, brewing guides etc, as well as all the accessories you'll need for the perfect cup. There are so many other blends I'd love to try, such as Rose Marzipan Black Tea, Coconut Truffle White Tea and the Peanut Butter and Jam fruit tea.

What is your favourite kind of tea?

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