Whilst I'm well aware that I've featured individual shades in various tutorials over the past few months, I've never actually introduced my MAC Custom Quad. It was something I'd wanted for such a long time, and the 15 pan Pro Palettes I'd seen on various blogs and videos were simply lust-worthy in my opinion. So birthday money in tow, I headed to MAC to make the all important purchase.

I'm just going to take a small moment to rant about MAC counters in general. Countless times I have gone with the intention of buying something, but I have been seriously put off by the snootiness of the sales assistants. Quite often they have given me zero attention and have been less than helpful, which is why I much prefer ordering my MAC goodies online.

Swatches R-L: All That Glitters, Satin a Taupe, Blackberry, Cranberry

After much deliberation, I chose four shades. Three of which were ones I'd planned, and then the final one was a bit of an impulse in store. Cranberry is the perennial autumn shade, and gets serious hype every year as the leaves begin to fall, so it's no wonder this ended up in my palette. It's the shadow out of the four that I've had the least wear out of. To complement Cranberry, I also chose Blackberry, a matte finish shadow in a muted deep plum shade. I'd been seriously obsessed with using purples in the crease, so this was perfect. I also love using this as a liner along the top lid for some subtle definition.

Now on to the more neutral shades. A no-brainer was All That Glitters. Another seriously hyped up shade, duped the 'wearable neutral for all'. I was a little disappointed that against my pale, cool-toned skin, All That Glitters appears very warm and peachy. The final shade in my custom quad is Satin Taupe. Like many others, this is a purely Tanya Burr enabled purchase. Again I was a little disappointed about this shade, but I like its sheeny, dual chrome finish.

Overall I was quite disappointed with the pigmentation of these shadows bar Cranberry. Whilst I've gotten a fair bit of use out of All That Glitters and Satin Taupe, I'm hesitant about buying any other MAC Shadows. This is difficult, as they are always so hyped up by other bloggers, but I just feel that other bravdsx such as Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury are much better quality for the price. Price wise, the Pro Palette shadows are £10 vs the £12.50 of the single shadows. The quad casing is priced at £5, with 2 and 15 pan palettes are also available.