It's so easy to be a Debbie Downer about your own blog, especially when you compare it to the million-and-one more successful blogs. It's no surprise that one of the most common things that gets us bloggers down is our photos. Now not all of us can afford fancy DSLRs, but I can guarantee you can have beautiful blog photos with the help of a few items you may have lying around.


One of the easiest blog backgrounds is a magazine. I can guarantee most of us will have one lurking around somewhere. Whether you use the front cover, like I've used in the photo above, or a pretty perfume ad, make sure you think before binning that mag!

White Paper

No you don't have to splash out on pricey IKEA dressing tables (word is that the gloss is a pain to photograph anyway!) when the answer is your humble A4. Make sure you use a few sheets to make the background completely opaque. This is a super affordable option to get that coveted clean background look a lot of bloggers rate.


This is a tip I have hugely embraced as of late. I picked up a few postcards from Paperchase for under a pound each, and use them alongside a white background to add a bit of interest. I'm loving slogan ones (like the photo above) but there are so many to choose from!

Pretty Fabrics

I love to have something of interest layered over the corner of my photo backgrounds, as I think it looks way prettier than the plain white background. I'm a serious pattern fan in the wardrobe department so why not bring that to good use! In the photo above, I used a top I recently got from New Look, but I've used chiffon scarves and kaftans in the past. It's a way to make your blog photos  look interesting, and keep it individual to you.

Wrapping Paper

Another Paperchase wonder. There are so many pretty patterns available to funk up your photos, again for a really reasonable price. I managed to get some really cool styles, including a tea print, and one with my current obsession, pineapples!


I was close to throwing away the Primark pearls I bought for fancy dress, until I had the bright idea to whack them in a photo! It adds a soft, sophisticated touch that I've used in quite a few photos. Another prop I love to use is a candle. Lighting it adds a soft glow, or use it like the image above to add a bit of colour. I like how this candle balances the brightness of the blush and lipsticks and ties the photo together.

It's easy to get down about your blog, so hopefully these tips will help you liven up your photography!