Burberry Kisses Military Red

A few weeks ago, iconic British fashion house Burberry ran a promotion where you could nominate a friend to receive a complimentary Burberry Kisses Lipstick (£25 full size). I was kindly nominated by the lovely Kirsty Ralph and I'd actually forgotten about the promotion, and after seeing everyone else tweet about their lipstick samples, I didn't think mine would come.

Burberry is a brand I've only recently discovered for beauty, via their tutorials of their LFW looks. Due to the rather excessive price tag and my lack of income, I haven't had the chance to pick any of their products up, so my Burberry Kisses came at a rather fab time! I haven't really used any "high high end" lipsticks (MAC is as far as it's gone), so I was eager to see what this had to offer.

Burberry Kisses Military Red

I'd seen some people tweet that they were shocked that the lipstick was so small (I mean really? What did they expect?) but I thought it was a really cute size. It'd be perfect for popping into a clutch bag, and I loved how it was a miniature replica of the full size Burberry Kisses, even down to the detailing on the box and bullet, making it feel super luxe.

I chose the shade 109 Military Red, which is a classic bright, cherry red. I was actually quite surprised that it was so bright, I thought it was going to be a bit deeper. The formula of the Burberry Kisses Lipstick also surprised me, as it is hydrating (no I didn't realise this beforehand!). For reds, which are a little harder to wear, I prefer a more dense, matte formula, yet this is quite sheer. It can be built up to give good pigmentation and feels really comfortable on the lips. Lasting time isn't great because of the hydrating formula, around 2-3 hours, and touch ups will be needed after eating and drinking.

Although it isn't my formula of choice for this kind of shade, I would be tempted to try a few of the other shades of the Burberry Kisses. There are some lovely nudes, pinks and corals, which I feel would work really well with the hydrating formula for an easy everyday lip. The price point, at £25, however is a little more than I would pay for a lipstick. 

Have you tried a Burberry Lipstick?