Why you won't find me part of public Twitter slaggings-off...

While I'm the first to admit I've succumbed on occasion to a good gossip via direct message, recent going ons on Twitter this week have really made me think twice. I'd been out for the evening, to check my feed when I got home only to find a large-scale bitch session about something stupid *rolls eyes*. Being on the outside of this, I was horrified to read the views of fellow bloggers, and I was well aware of how it may come across to others. Here's why I'll be keeping my opinions private. 

It's unprofessional! 

People forget that Twitter is so public. So a PR pulls up your twitter page ready to offer you an opportunity, only to see you having a right old bitch about a fellow blogger or brand. Are they going to want to be affiliated with that kind of behaviour? No they are not! You can say goodbye to the latest hot sample or sponsorship.

Do you really want to risk your stats for the sake of a gossip?

Seeing bloggers I considered to be the loveliest of people having a right old bitch really changes my opinion. If I wasn't a nosy old bugger they'd be unfollowed in a flash. 

Just because it's behind a screen, doesn't mean it's not bullying

As much as it might be "informing the masses", if it's blatantly taking the piss rather than a simple "Be careful of @XBlogger for X reason", it's nasty and will leave the other person feeling like poop. 

Sadly these days, drama in the blogging community is becoming a regular occurance. Whether it's targeting a brand or individual blogger, it's drawn light to the fact our beloved blogging community isn't in fact the cushty place I once thought it was. There are ways of doing the deed without resorting to a full scale bitch.