Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection

9 July 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection

I'm a big fan of Tanya Burr Cosmetics and the lady herself, so it was only natural that I bought the entire Soft Luxe collection when I heard of its release. I'm obsessed with some of the previous releases. I think they're such great quality for the price and they've made their way into my everyday makeup bag. When I reviewed the Hollywood Eye Palette last year, the post became one of my most-viewed, so naturally I have a lot of love for the brand. The Perfect Brows Palette is also one of my favourites too!

For the Soft Luxe Collection, there are three new categories of products: eyeshadow palettes, matte nail polishes and most exciting of all; matte liquid lipsticks. All of the products are available from Feel Unique (which is where I ordered mine) and Superdrug online. They also should be trickling into Superdrug stores this week too. 

I just posted a video unboxing the Soft Luxe collection, as well as my first impressions, so you can scroll to the end of the post or click here to watch that. However I thought seeing that I have had the products for over a week now and I have had the chance to try the products properly, I would also do a bit more of an in depth review and touch upon things I didn't get the chance to talk about in the video. 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection

I adore the Hollywood Eye Palette which was launched last year, so when I saw that there were two neutral eye palettes, I knew I wanted to pick up both. The Birthday Suit Palette (£5.99) is the warmer of the two with the shades Marzipan (shimmery peachy pink, similar to MAC All That Glitters), Toast (matte warm brown), Soft Truffle (deeper matte brown) and Cocoa Sugar (glittery toasted brown). This one creates a beautiful warm brown smoky eye and is the perfect day to night palette. 

The Enchanted Dream Palette  (£5.99) is cooler in tone and reminds me of a daytime version of the Galaxy Palette. The palette contains Moonlit Walk (shimmery champagne highlight), Cocoa Plum (shimmery taupe, similar to MAC Satin Taupe), Berry Souffle (matte muted purple) and Magic Carpet (darker matte purple). I expected this palette to be a bit more intense and smoky, but it is more suited to a daytime look. 

The formula of the eyeshadows is different this time around. Where previously it was highly pigmented yet dusty, in these palettes the consistency is creamier. The shadows are very blendable, but I did find that when I was swatching them that if I tried to apply too much, they would be a bit flakey. This doesn't affect application with brushes however.

I prefer warmer toned eyeshadows, so naturally I have gravitated towards the Birthday Suit palette, although the matte shades in the Enchanted Dream palette are beautiful. I've already reached for Birthday Suit a ton, so I predict it'll join the Hollywood Palette and set up camp in my everyday makeup bag. These eyeshadows are some of the best from the drugstore, and at £5.99, they really are a must-have.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection

I wasn't sure intially whether to get the nail polishes as I don't really paint my nails all that much and already have way too many nail polishes. However I was really pleased when I saw all three colours of the Matte Nail Polishes (£4.99) in real life as the shades are all very soft and wearable. Soft Pyjamas is a soft purpley greige, New Chapter a lighter grey (similar to Duvet Day) and Piggy Bank is a gorgeous dusky pink. All three shades are beautiful and unique amongst my collection, which is rare seeing as I have so many polishes! 

The polishes apply very well, being opaque well within two coats. The brush is well shaped, making application quick and easy, although you have to work very quickly because they are matte. These do tend to flake off my nails after a day or two because of the matte texture, so a top coat (matte or traditional) is a must. I'm not 100% sure on these ones yet as I haven't given them a full test, but I really hope they are as good as the standard polishes as I really do adore the shades. 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection

Finally that brings me on to the lips. Matte liquid lipsticks have grown in popularity this year, so the simply named Matte Lips (£5.99) launch is very on trend indeed. It's rare to get a great matte liquid lipstick at a drugstore price, so I was particularly interested in trying these out. The product has been introduced with three shades. The first is Martha Moo, named after Tanya and Jim's adorable little dog, and is the nude of the bunch. It is far from a typical nude however, it's like a hybrid of brown, pink, purple, with a reddish vibe to it. It is very unique and it's one that I think will look different on everyone. On me, it's brighter than I expected, although it is still very wearable, and I have worn it a good few times since I got it.

Next is Puppy Paws, and one that I'm going to gloss over quite quickly. It is a bright, white-based pink that will be best suited to those with lightly pigmented lips. It doesn't work with my natural lip shade as it looks a bit streaky and uneven, so it isn't my favourite shade out of the three. Thankfully, the final shade, Rhubarb and Custard is much more flattering. This one is a vibrant coral pink, the perfect shade for summer. It's just so fun! At first I thought this might be too bright, but I really like it! I've tried to adjust the photograph to get the swatches to look as close to the actual shades as possible, but there are also full swatches (including lip swatches) in the video.

The formula of the Matte Lips is interesting. On opening the tube, I was a bit worried it would be that moussy texture that doesn't dry (like the Maybelline Vivid Mattes), but I was wrong! It is midway between a moussy and liquidy texture, although I do think it varies slightly over the three shades, with Martha Moo staying slightly sticky, whereas the other two feel more smooth. They do dry down completely, leaving a matte finish, and I don't find them overly drying.

The long square applicator makes light work of applying these and I find them really quick and easy to apply with the slightly moussy formula. They also smell delicious, like strawberry ice cream, which is a lovely touch.  On the lips, the colours last well, and withstand food and a meal although I would still reapply every 3-4 hours. I do like the product (bar Puppy Paws), especially for the price and I think they'll be very popular. I can predict them bringing out more shades, especially some berry colours come autumn/winter.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection
L>R: Martha Moo, Rhubarb & Custard, Puppy Paws

Overall, I'm really impressed with the Soft Luxe Collection. There are definitely products that I know will end up in my every day makeup bag (Martha Moo Matte Lips, Birthday Suit Eye Palette). I love the vibe of the collection, it's all very soft and wearable, but they've shown that as a brand, they aren't afraid to take risks. The shades of the Matte Lips are all very unique (even Martha Moo), and that really sets them apart from other products I own. Even creating a matte liquid lipstick is a risky move from a brand that operates at that price point.

I think people expect YouTuber merchandise to be a bit meh, especially considering Tanya's younger demographic, but this release has really cemented Tanya Burr Cosmetics' place within the aisles of the UK drugstore. I commend the fact that they are able to bring great quality products in beautiful shades and pretty packaging, all without breaking the bank!

Have you tried anything from Tanya Burr Cosmetics?
What do you have your eye on from the Soft Luxe Collection?
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