I'm Kirstie, a 24 year old dreamer hailing from a small town near Leicester. I previously studied at Cardiff University, and have worked in a bookshop, Costa Coffee and an accountants over the years. Having never had any idea of what I wanted to do with my life, the start of my blog was the defining moment for me, and marked the growth of myself as a person immensely. You'll always catch me wearing black ankle boots, covered in lipstick swatches and with a cup of tea in hand. 


The blog started life as Kimamely Beauty in early 2014, as a place to document my quest to find the perfect products. As 2016 came around, my focus shifted slightly, making perfume and candles the forefront, and the blog was rebranded into Behind The Scent. Blogging soon evolved into my entire life. I am wholly grateful for this blog, as it helped me realise I was taking the wrong path in life. After leaving yet another job that I wasn't passionate about, I am taking the time to focus 100% of my time on Behind The Scent. It's amazing to have something that is completely my own work, and something I can feel proud of.


In terms of content, I post around 3 times a week, with a mix of candle and perfume reviews, beauty and skincare, as well as lifestyle posts. My favourite posts to read (and indeed write) are empties posts. I love collecting my used up products and giving my honest opinions. Speaking of that, I always write from the heart and hope I come across and honest, no matter which post I'm writing. 


Currently I use the Olympus PEN E-PL7 for my blog photography, and edit using Photoshop CC. Images in posts prior to August 2015 were shot on an iPhone 5c, and edited using Photoshop Express. My blog design is the Holly & Weave template from Pipdig, which I've amended to *hopefully* make it unique enough. It's such a bugbear when people just buy pre-made templates and make no attempt to make them their own!
If there's anything else you'd like to know, you can tweet me @BehindTheScent or drop me an email at kirstie@behindthescent.co.uk

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Hi I'm Kirstie & I'm the Girl with an addiction to perfume

Hi I'm Kirstie & I'm the Girl with an addiction to perfume
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