I am happy to accept products for consideration for review. Due to posting schedules, it will be around 1 month before you see the post on my blog, unless agreed otherwise. My review posts will always remain under my creative control. If you require specifics, such as a guarantee the product will feature, certain wordings or links, that will come under my Sponsored Post category, and payment may be required. I cannot accept payment in exchange for a positive review. All brands and products featured on my blog are those that I would have featured regardless of it being a PR sample.


Although I am happy to offer sponsored posts, I regret that I can not post pre-written content, and I much prefer the use of my own images where possible. If you are interested in a sponsored post, why not drop me an email and we can discuss my rates. All links will be no-follow, to comply with Google's rules regarding paid links, and the post will always carry a statement of disclosure.


I also am able to host giveaways alongside a review. It is the perfect opportunity to increase exposure of your product. If you are unable to provide a product for review alongside the giveaway, that may also incur a charge. Drop me a line and we can work something out. All giveaways will be conducted within the current guidelines and I do not discriminate against compers, In fact, I love them! Here's why.


It is my policy to always disclose products I have been gifted with an asterisk (*). For posts where money has been exchanged, it will be clearly stated at the end of the post "This post has been written in collaboration with xxx". I often feature affiliate links (via Skimlinks) and will always disclose this at the end of the post. This means that if you buy something using a link from my site, I'll earn something silly like half a penny. Every little helps eh? This disclaimer has been written with consideration to current ASA Guidelines.

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